Sunday, October 10, 2010

Street Shooting in KL

Having a fun and relaxing street shooting with simply Robin last saturday, my target this time are shape, lines, patterns, shadows and colours. I believes these are some of the important elements in photography and taking this chance to practise the basic.

The Pipe and the Shadow


Someone using this ?


Beautiful sky above


Nothing special, just like the F that stands for Frederick ?


Not sure what is the meaning, just like how the testure contrast


Really a nice blue sky that i cannot control myself to record it down


Squares and lines


Baskets and the blue sky


Wolverine ? It's just shadows of nails on the wall


The street upside down




The circle and lines


The city within


Squares and rectangular




Rectangular and line




Lines and shadows

Sky out there


Really enjoy the outing and hope to go out there again... :)