Monday, October 18, 2010

Shooting Along with E-5 @ Melaka

It was a fruitful weekend where a best friend of mine -- Robin Wong (click) came and pay a visit to me. To top up the excitments, he brought the E-5 along for a shooting around melaka. As an Olympus user since my 1st day in photography, for sure i gonna had my hands on the E-5 and do some test shots with it.

Reminder: All the E-5 photos below are straight from camera except some minor exposure and lighting adjustments. There are no post process applied on the images.

Taman Seribu Bunga Macro with Legendary 50/1.8OM

It is like a fusion between the modern and the lagendary when using the E-5 pairing with a 50/1.8 OM, an extension tube were used in order to perform the macro shots below. The first thing i noticed is how the improvements in ISO helps in my case where all of the shots were taken with f16 for the maximum depth of field and i can pump up the ISO to 800 without worry when i need more ambient light.

(1/250sec    f16    ISO400    Wireless TTL)

(1/250sec    f16    ISO400    Wireless TTL)
An extensive cropping had been done on the image above and it's really amazing to see the detials i got in that.

(1/250sec    f16    ISO800)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Street Shooting in KL

Having a fun and relaxing street shooting with simply Robin last saturday, my target this time are shape, lines, patterns, shadows and colours. I believes these are some of the important elements in photography and taking this chance to practise the basic.

The Pipe and the Shadow


Someone using this ?


Beautiful sky above