Monday, October 18, 2010

Shooting Along with E-5 @ Melaka

It was a fruitful weekend where a best friend of mine -- Robin Wong (click) came and pay a visit to me. To top up the excitments, he brought the E-5 along for a shooting around melaka. As an Olympus user since my 1st day in photography, for sure i gonna had my hands on the E-5 and do some test shots with it.

Reminder: All the E-5 photos below are straight from camera except some minor exposure and lighting adjustments. There are no post process applied on the images.

Taman Seribu Bunga Macro with Legendary 50/1.8OM

It is like a fusion between the modern and the lagendary when using the E-5 pairing with a 50/1.8 OM, an extension tube were used in order to perform the macro shots below. The first thing i noticed is how the improvements in ISO helps in my case where all of the shots were taken with f16 for the maximum depth of field and i can pump up the ISO to 800 without worry when i need more ambient light.

(1/250sec    f16    ISO400    Wireless TTL)

(1/250sec    f16    ISO400    Wireless TTL)
An extensive cropping had been done on the image above and it's really amazing to see the detials i got in that.

(1/250sec    f16    ISO800)

(1/250sec    f16    ISO640)

Some Sunset Portraiture Shots

It was a true coinsident that some of my friend were doing thier sunset pre-wedding shooting on that day and without hestitation we storm to the seaside and get some field test on the E-5. It is really a shock to see the performance of E-5 with off camera wireless TTL flash, the fill in flashes blends really well with the ambient light with an accurate metering. I believe they had done some improvements on the dynamic range, and really loves the well balanced image output.

(1/1000sec     f4     ISO400     Wireless TTL)

(1/1250sec     f4    ISO400     Wireless TTL)

(1/80sec     f4     ISO400    Wireless TTL     Dramatic Tone Art Filter)
It might not be a good idea to use the Dramatic Tone Art Filter for portraiture shots but using it once a while did give some wow effect within a series.

(1/125sec     f4     ISO400     Wireless TTL)

(1/40sec     f4     ISO400     Dramatic Tone Art Filter)

Looks like this time Olympus had put in a good effort on this piece of gem, really wish i could have one in future but too bad i'm just a poor boy who only eligible to dreams the dream here....


soonruey said...

Beautiful photos fred....You made good use of the E5. Dramatic tone for portraits...Interesting and you have pulled it off beautifully.
Soon Ruey

Molicuva said...

Thanks Dr.Soon Ruey... :) It's really fun to play with E-5 and experience what it can do.. it's really a good camera to have... :)

robin said...

I am glad I lent you the E-5. I knew something will "happen", which is a pleasant surprise.
I am sure the community would appreciate the unique perspective you have churned out from the E-5.
Thanks so much for having me in Malacca !! Come KL we go attack different streets

Molicuva said...

Thanks Rob for letting me had my itchy hand on the E-5, really fall in love with it after the trial... Yeah... Will definately go there again for another round of street photography, i think mostly it will be on middle of Nov... :)

sthang said...

Your water droplet photos are simply amazing!

Molicuva said...

Thanks sthang. :) but to me it's still far from amazing level to me, i'm still in progress to discover more varieties in it.. ;)

Billy Loon said...

Just curious about the lens used for your nice macro shots.Was the lens Zuiko 50mm f1.8 for OM System in the '70s ?. I am a die hard OM System fan.Wonder if old Zuiko lenses will fit the Olympus E-series DSLRs ????

Molicuva said...

Billy Loon,
Yup yup.. it is the legendary OM lens back to 70's. you can always attach it to the E-series with an OM adaptor. And to perform macro with that lens u might need an extension tube too... :)